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Congrats to September 101 Graduates!

Our 2012 Basic Training started this September, and Sunday, 9/9, was graduation day for the first module.  After 4 days of deep immersion in “Meridian Magic” our student clinic was a smashing success.  Students walked away with not only their certificates but also a deep […]

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203: Five Elements, Organ Networks, Yin Yang, Deficiency Excess

In Five Elements, Organ Networks students deepen their understanding of Organ Network energies, particularly focusing on the nature of yin and yang and excess and deficient patterns in great detail the psycho-physical realm.  Leon Hammer’s seminal work, Dragon Rises, Redbird Flies, provides the springboard for […]

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202: Classical Chinese Medicine Patterns and Syndromes

In this level, students learn the rich and detailed tapestry of human wellness through an in-depth study of Etiology, the discernment of External Pernicious Influences, the Internal Endogenous Causes of Dis-ease, and the Five Fundamental Substances and Spiritual Essensces.  These topics are covered through a […]

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201: Meridian Extensions, Six Divisions, Eight Temperaments

Students deepen their work with the Masunaga Zen Shiatsu method through study of the Meridian Extensions and Six Divisions of Yin and Yang in body, mind and spirit. We explore the various manifestations of yin and yang, especially as expressed through Temperament and Personality. Yin […]

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104: Clinical Application

Incorporating the content of the previous three levels, students embrace a total overview of the body/mind/spirit energy to effectively meet clinical challenges that may arise in their practice.  Additional tools of Extraordinary Vessel Theory along with extensive Clinical Supervision and Discussion bring students to the […]

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103: Pattern Recognition

In this level students learn the art of pattern recognition through a study of kyo/jitsu deficiency excess model of Master Masuanga’s Zen Shiatsu system and the use of the Four tools of Assessment: Looking, Asking, Listening/Smelling and Touching. All previously learned material is integrated into […]

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102: Five Element Flow

Building upon the content of 101 students now learn the Theory of the Five Elements and how they manifest through the organ networks to enliven body/mind/spirit. The traditional correspondences of the Elements are the cornerstone of the course, grounding students in the basic attributes of […]

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204: Extraordinary Healing

In this final course of the Advanced Training, Students review the entire training. Refinement of all technique, theory and practical clinical applications of HeartMind Shiatsu are the focus, concluding with a final comprehensive written exam. Students are encouraged to step into a full, embodied expression […]

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Congrats to ADVANCED TRAINING graduates

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Taoveda Qigong & Flying HeartMind Shiatsu in Baltimore

2 Upcoming Courses Taoveda Qigong~In this workshop, Matthew will guide participants in the Taoveda Meridian Qigong form.Participants will experience the vibrant medicine wheel of Meridian Channels, gaining valuable insight forpersonal and professional healing practice. Taoveda Qigong is excellent for client education with accessible,functional and inspirational […]

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