sweigart-qigong-mg-logoBoost Your Healing Life Energy

HeartMind Immersion Retreat
With Matthew Sweigart, CI
At the Midwest Healing Arts Extravaganza, Ashland, Wisconsin
August 23 – 28, 2017
$597 all inclusive price (33 hours)  ($497 super early-bird Price!)

For information and registration for attending the live event in Ashland, WI, contact Lucy Jackson-Askue at MidwestPolarity@gmail.com.

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Professional Healing Artists, Yogis, Martial Artists, Health and Wellness Enthusiasts, Holistic Healers, Life Coaches and Lovers of Life will enjoy 33 full hours of master classes with Matthew Sweigart, Certified Instructor of Asian Bodywork Therapy. Four distinct workshops combine together in this HeartMind Immersion Retreat to Boost your Healing Life Energy! Dive deep into your personal empowerment and healing, and enhance the depth and power of your ability to serve your community.

Build Your Life Energy
Pathways of Qi
Qigong Healing Immersion
 August 23 & 24, 9am–5pm $297 (12 hours)

Each day: 9-10am Community Practice – $20 drop-in rate
advanced registration – $237

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This loving, gentle, profound weekend workshop dives into powerful East Asian healing methods to help you…

  • Relieve Stress
  • Discover Inner Power
  • Cultivate Strength
  • Release Trapped Potential
  • Center, Ground and Calm

Through Classical Qigong Movement and Meditation, experience:

  • Balancing and Alignment of Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Tapping Reservoirs of Elemental Meridian Energy
  • Meridian and Acupoint Tapping
  • HeartMind Shiatsu Touch Therapy Techniques

The promise of personal healing and transformation is in your hands! Through deep connection to life-energy, and the healing power of the Pathways of Qi.

Awaken Your Inner Power
Fortify Your Meridians and Chakras
Expanding the Co-Creative Power of Your
Meridian Channels and Chakra Centers
Thursday, August 24, 6:30-9:30PM
$97 (3 hours)  advanced registration – $67
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Virtual Attendance

A joyful, illuminating romp through the meridians and chakras diving into the fascinating co-creative energy field to boost your overall sense of clarity and personal empowerment.

  • Respect Your Energy
  • Honor Your Feelings
  • Find Power in your Truth
  • Liberate Life Force through Unconditional Love
  • Harmonize with Every Aspect of Your Life

Essential to personal awakening and alignment is your deep connection to truth, beauty and unconditional love. This course will travel through the many facets of life to see how love and beauty can be found at every turn to enhance the quality of life for optimal health and happiness.

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 Elevate Your Practice
The Bodyworkers’ Guide to Exquisite Contact a
nd Energy Boosting Joy!

Friday 6-9 pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm, August 25-27
$327 (15 hours)   Stand Alone Registration for Friday Evening –  $67 (3 hours)
advanced registration – $267

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Touch is Food! Touch is a vital component in a healthy diet!  Touch is the only sense you cannot live without. Touching life energy is the high art of healing touch. HeartMind Shiatsu is the art of healing touch elevated!

  • Boost your Energy
  • Boost your Joy
  • Balance, Center, Ground
  • Recharge Your Batteries
  • Deepen Your Healing Arts Practice
  • Enliven All Your Senses

Harmonizing Heaven and Earth | Heartmind ShiatsuLearn…

  • Ease and Comfort of Human Connection
  • How to Touch the Exquisite Point of Contact
  • Encourage Energy Flow Throughout the Body
  • Energetic Anatomy of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Assisted Stretches to Open Energy Channels
  • Leveraged Lifts to Activate Source Qi Flow

Dive into this deep immersion experience of flowing contact with the powerful, natural, elemental forces of life as they flow through the exquisite energy pathways of body, mind, spirit.


elemental meditations cover

Boost Your Healing Power
Alchemy of the Five Elements
Embody the Power of the Natural Elements
for Deep Healing and Transformation
Monday, August 28, 10am – 1pm
$97 (3 hours)  advanced registration – $67

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This 3-hour Post Retreat class deepens your appreciation and awareness of the Classical Five Elements as tools for personal balance, stability and transformation.

  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Develop Your Intuitive Sensitivity
  • Enhance Your Ease and Confidence
  • Embody Your True Spirit Power

Meditation, Contemplative Study, Mind-shift, and classical correspondences interweave in this experiential workshop designed to awaken and balance the Five Elements in body, mind and spirit.

meridian chart 11-17

Sign up for the entire week of courses in one package, or select the courses that call you in, and sign up for them one at a time. Either way, prepare yourself to have fun with personal empowerment and transformative bodywork!

All registrations through Lucy Jackson, MidwestPolarity@gmail.com
Register at the following link!

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