201: Meridian Extensions, Six Divisions, Eight Temperaments

Students deepen their work with the Masunaga Zen Shiatsu method through study of the Meridian Extensions and Six Divisions of Yin and Yang in body, mind and spirit. We explore the various manifestations of yin and yang, especially as expressed through Temperament and Personality. Yin Yang theory is creatively descibes the changes and transformations that occur in any natural system throughout time and space The recognition of the stages of transformation in any living system leads to deep and powerful insights into health and balance. By understanding the interactive dynamics of Yin Yang and the Five Elements, students learn to treat deficiencies or excesses in any element through any other element as a function of Creation and Control Cycle dynamics. In this class, we explore the application of this transformational theory to both the physical and psycho-spiritual body. Masunaga Meridian Extensions, Eight Temperaments theory of Yves Requena and Five Element Creation and Control  Cycle theories inspire and inform our study and practice.


104: Clinical Application

Incorporating the content of the previous three levels, students embrace a total overview of the body/mind/spirit energy to effectively meet clinical challenges that may arise in their practice.  Additional tools of Extraordinary Vessel Theory along with extensive Clinical Supervision and Discussion bring students to the place where they can confidently integrate HeartMind Shiatsu services in a professional clinical setting. With successful completion of this level students earn a certificate of satisfactory completion of the HeartMind Shiatsu Basic Training.


102: Five Element Flow

Building upon the content of 101 students now learn the Theory of the Five Elements and how they manifest through the organ networks to enliven body/mind/spirit. The traditional correspondences of the Elements are the cornerstone of the course, grounding students in the basic attributes of each of the Five Elements and how they express themselves in Nature and in Humanity. Students begin to discern the signs and symptoms of each of the Elements, and in this way, begin to practice the art of creating treatment plans tailor made to the specific needs of each client. Yoga-inspired Meridian Stretch Exercises are practiced as both a tool of treatment and assessment, and traditional  shu point assessment methods will be introduced.


204: Extraordinary Healing

In this final course of the Advanced Training, Students review the entire training. Refinement of all technique, theory and practical clinical applications of HeartMind Shiatsu are the focus, concluding with a final comprehensive written exam. Students are encouraged to step into a full, embodied expression of the method, demonstrate an ability to hold space and give effective treatments to meet the myriad conditions that clients bring into the modern clinical setting.  The three layers of health; Reflexive, Conditioned and Constitutional are explored as a context for understanding how to facilitate extraordinary healing in the treatment room. A brief introduction to Graduate studies, and Constitutional Healing through the Extraordinary Vessel treatments as taught in the Classical Chinese Medicine interpretations of Jeffrey Yuen complete the training.   A Graduation Ceremony, acknowledging student accomplishments, grants a certificate of Satisfactory Completion of the HeartMind Shiatsu Advanced Training.


Congrats to ADVANCED TRAINING graduates

Congrats to ADVANCED TRAINING graduates

Congrats to ADVANCED TRAINING graduates

Taoveda Qigong & Flying HeartMind Shiatsu in Baltimore

2 Upcoming Courses

Taoveda Qigong~In this workshop, Matthew will guide participants in the Taoveda Meridian Qigong form.Participants will experience the vibrant medicine wheel of Meridian Channels, gaining valuable insight forpersonal and professional healing practice. Taoveda Qigong is excellent for client education with accessible,functional and inspirational stimulation of Meridian Energy Flow in a daily exercise format. In cultivatingMeridian Qi through Taoveda Qigong all systems of Body, HeartMind and Spirit can be purified, nourished andenergized.

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu~Interactive, engaging, and uplifting! Enjoy atasty bite of Flying HeartMind Shiatsu with a delicious serving of movement,contact, deep stretches and leveraged lifts, practiced in a traditional floorbased bodywork forum. These elegant moves can even elevate the receiverentirely off the floor to grant a feeling of total surrender. Matthew createdthese Flying techniques in clinical practice, and they serve to have aprofound effect on the extraordinaryvessel system.

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu

In this workshop students will learn the foundations of the Flying HeartMind
Shiatsu techniques. Leveraged lifts and supported stretches release accumulated
energy patterns in a delightful and dynamic way.
• Life Energy manifestations in Body, Mind and Spirit
• Dynamic stretches and movements

HeartMind Shiatsu for the Table

In this workshop, students are introduced to the HeartMind Shiastu method,
adapted to be given on a standard massage table. Life energy meridian and specific
points are learned and practiced for effective incorporation in any massage practice.
• Prone and Supine approaches
• Specific point combinations
• Proper body mechanics for Shiatsu on the Table

• Stretches and Qi transmission methods

HeartMind Shiatsu Chair Massage

In this class we introduce the application of HeartMind Shiatsu principles and techniques in chair massage. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”. The art of HeartMind Shiatsu brings heartfelt presence, ease, concentration and energetic mindfulness to our bodywork practice. Participants will be introduced to the basics of the HeartMind Shiatsu Two-Hand Technique, meridian line stretching, and acu-point stimulation while working with a client seated in a massage chair.
• Addressing the meridian lines of the upper body
• Upper back, shoulder, arm and hand acu-points
• Neck and head acu-points for pain relief
• Proper body mechanics for HeartMind Shiatsu in a chair

Qigong ~ A Practice for Health & Longevity

Qigong is a study of the energy of the whole universe, which includes physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine. Qigong, the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine, has been practiced in China for over five thousand years.

“Qi” or “chi” (pronounced Chee) means air or breath, vital energy, or the Universal Force that forms all animate and inanimate things. This complex energy substance, fundamental to life itself, is comprised of an informational message and its carrier energy. “Gong” means work, the function and benefit of this energy, or self-discipline leading to the art of mastery. Qigong teaches you to use your mind, body, and spirit together to unblock energy and balance Yin and Yang energy in the body.

Energy Blockages in the Meridians

Once a blockage is formed, energy cannot flow freely in our energy channels. These energy channels, or meridians run throughout the body to keep it fully functioning. There are twelve main channels and eight reservoir channels. Each channel serves a specific purpose and function. The main channels carry energy to wherever energy is needed in the body. Extra energy in the main channels flows to the reservoir channels. The body draws on energy in the reservoir channels when the main channels run low.

Blockages in the main and reservoir channels prevent energy from getting to all parts of the body. When body functioning slows down or stops, we feel sick. If we want to get well, we have to remove those blockages and open channels, this rebalances the Yin and Yang energy. If we want to live a long and healthy life we have to live in such a way as to keep our Qi reserves full and balanced and not squander our reserves by letting all of energy dissipate through our senses. Qigong, stillness (meditation) and living simply help to minimize this loss of vitality.

Formula for Health and Longevity

Ancient Qi masters developed a formula for health and longevity based on the Qi:

Inner Harmony = Qi Flow  = Health and Longevity

This formula is the foundation of all Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Concepts in Western science such as coherence, resonance, and integrated body/mind function are parallel to the concept of harmony in China. In the West science points to numerous forms of flow including blood, lymph, brain chemical distribution, nerve transmission, and the movement of ions.

When they added the capacity to purposefully cultivate inner harmony through personal practices the ancients created this formula:

Practice + Intention = Inner Harmony = Qi Flow + Health and Longevity.

Qigong helps keep our energy balanced and flowing. Shiatsu is a tool which is used to help others to keep their energy balanced and flowing, thus maintaining Inner Harmony, Qi Flow, Health and Longevity.

Large Intestine Meridian Review

In video number 4 of the HeartMind Shiatsu™ Education Series, Matthew Sweigart teaches us the acupressure / acupuncture points and location of the large intestine meridian.

Expanding the Breath with the Lung Meridian

Learn the location of the lung meridian and the major lung acupressure points in this experiential and informative video with HeartMind Shiatsu™’s Matthew Sweigart.  Expand the breath, and let it all go – a practice you can do at home to access more life force and openness in your body and life.

Expanding the Breath with the Lung Meridian from HeartMind Bodywork on Vimeo.