mgq-bladderPathways of Qi*
Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel

Tune up your energy system and strengthen your energy body in this twelve hour workshop exploring the Pathways of Qi. A true “owner’s manual” for being alive in human form, the primary energy meridian system of Chinese medicine animates, governs and informs all functions of body, mind and spirit, from nourishment and digestion to higher thought, emotional intelligence and spiritual awakening!

In this two day course you learn: mgq-meridianwheel

• the essential Meridian Gesture Qigong form
• daily exercises and wellness practices
• meditations and reflections on life energy flow
• healing touch methods to improve vital energy

It simply makes your life better when all your systems are tuned up and humming!


Pathways of Qi – Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel

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