mgq-bladderPathways of Qi*
Building Your Life Energy
Qigong Healing Immersion Workshop


This loving, gentle, profound weekend workshop dives into powerful
East Asian healing methods to help you…

• Relieve Stress
• Discover Inner Powermgq-meridianwheel
Cultivate Strength
• Release Trapped Potential
• Center, Ground and Calm

Through guided practice of…

• Classical Qigong Meditation
• Alignment of Body, Mind, Spirit
• Tapping Reservoirs of Elemental Meridian Energy
• Meridian and Acupoint Tapping
• HeartMind Shiatsu Touch Therapy Techniques

Experience the promise of personal healing and transformation, through deep connection to life-energy, and the healing power of the Pathways of Qi teachings. Earn 12 hours of contining education credit, and start your 500 hour professional HeartMind Shiatsu Training journey! 



Pathways of Qi – Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel

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