mgq-bladderPathways of Qi*


Navigating the Landscape of Your Body, Mind, Spirit.
Qigong Healing Immersion Workshop
April 28, 29, 2018, Boulder, CO 

• Relieve Stress
• Discover Your Inner Powermgq-meridianwheel
Cultivate Strength and Conditioning
• Tap Into True Potential
• Center, Ground and Calm
• Awaken Healing Wisdom Within

With wit and wisdom, this loving, gentle, profound experiential weekend workshop, dives into timeless East Asian healing methods.  Boost your personal healing and empowerment. Deeply supportive of your Yoga, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, or Naturopathic holistic health practices.  Discover a language in Pathways of Qi that taps into the beauty of natural healing in body, mind and spirit. Open to all who have an interest in self-healing; clients, therapists and healing artists all rave about the inspiring content of this enlightening weekend study.

Enjoy expert guided practice of…

• Classical Qigong Moving Meditations
• Alignment of Body, Mind, Spirit for Optimal Clarity
• Tapping Into Reservoirs of Elemental Meridian Energy
• Energizing Your Whole Being with Meridian Tapping
• HeartMind Shiatsu – Acu-Clearing Techniques

Experience personal healing and transformation, through deep connection to life-energy, and the healing power of Pathways of Qi.
Receive 12 hours of continuing education credit for healing artists, and credit toward completion of the 500 hour professional HeartMind Shiatsu Training! 



What students are saying about Pathways of Qi, Navigating the Energy Landscape

Pathways of Qi – Exploring the Meridian Medicine Wheel

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