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HeartMind Shiatsu
Advanced Training

Healing at the Source, the Dynamics of Destiny

HeartMind Shiatsu Advanced Training brings you the final training modules of immersion into the healing art of HeartMind Shiatsu. Entry into the Advanced program requires successful completion of the Intermediate level training as well as proof of completion of 100 hours of education in Western Anatomy and Physiology.

The HeartMind Shiatsu Advanced Training gives you a final 150 hours of exceptional training in four five-day immersion weekends, over 7 months.

Receiving four professional HeartMind Shiatsu private sessions, taking two semi-private tutorials and passing a full-length practical exam complete the requirement of the Advanced level training.

With successful completion of the Advanced Training will earn you a highly respected National Certification in Asian Bodywork Therapy. And you will possess the skills necessary to meet a wide range of client presentations with a focused sense of expertise and confidence in the treatment room.

The Advanced training covers:

  • Full refinement of floor-based bodywork methodology for smooth, confident and professional service delivery to an avid clientele.
  • Classical Chinese Medicine secrets of the Extraordinary Vessels and their far-reaching application in healing at the source of all conditions
  • Alchemy of the metaphysics of life as a human being
  • Understanding of somatic embodiment
  • Artful healing touch and flowing techniques to harmonize and balance the Qi energy field.
  • Medical Qigong applications for clearing blockages at their root and fostering profound growth, healing and transformation
  • Direct transmission from master teachers and veteran bodyworkers open up your horizons and guide you forward on a profound journey of helping humanity and the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Successful graduates of the HeartMind Shiatsu Professional Training meet the national standards for professional Asian Bodywork Therapy, and qualifying for national certification with the AOBTA® qualifies them to practice legally in most states. This refreshingly well-crafted professional training takes you on a profound journey to healing at the source.


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Advanced Training

Students entering this inspiring and mind-blowing level of study, dive into the most refined and inspiring contributions of Classical Chinese Medicine to the pursuit of human health and well being.




  • Experiencing deep states of Meridian Qigong as a healing discipline
  • Discovering the master points that open the Extraordinary Vessels
  • Assessment and Treatment protocols for working with Source Qi
  • Exploring Destiny for your own path, and how to support your clients
  • Mastery of the floor based HeartMind Shiatsu method
  • Faculty Supervisied Student Clinic




  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels
  • Every point on every channel
  • Organ Networks and their relation to source
  • Our deep connection to the natural, organic world of life

Acceptance into the Advanced Training

Students who have successfully completed HeartMind Shiatsu Intermediate Training, and alumni of the previous 2012 – HeartMind 300 hour program are eligible to enroll in this powerful Advanced training. In some cases, graduates of recognized schools of Zen Shiatsu may be eligible for placement into this level.  An interview with Matthew Sweigart or senior faculty prior to entry will be required to establish readiness, and ensure student success.

Advanced HeartMind Shiatsu

301 – The Healing Power of Destiny
Introducing the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Delving Deep into the
Vessels of First Ancestry, to Work Your Energy Blueprint

The Classical Chinese Medicine understanding of roots and branches comes fully to life as we explore source qi, Yuan Qi, as it expresses in the Extraordinary Vessels. The Extraordinary Vessels are likened to Reservoirs, where the Regular channels are the rivers or canals. In times of drought, we draw from the reservoirs; in times of flood, we fill the reservoirs. It is this balance of energy levels in the rivers and reservoirs of the body, that the entire landscape of the body is kept healthy and vibrant.

In this module, we introduce the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and then bring our focus to the “Vessels of First Ancestry,” which address forces that have shaped our arrival into this body in this life. Questions of lineage, ancestry, gender, ethnicity, size, shape, abilities, genetic endowments and the ways in which we feel and react to these facets of our being are addressed.  You learn to connect with the active points of the vessels and support harmonious relationships between all these essential aspects of our being.

Grounded in holding space with compassion and unconditional love, we learn to heal a myriad of wounds that arise from early traumas, neglect, or baggage handed down from generation to generation.

Students learn:

  • An overview of Extraordinary Vessel medical philosophy and practice
  • Chong Mai central vessel, Ren Mai sea of yin, Du Mai sea of yang, and Dai Mai belt vessel energy expression and treatment principles and approaches.
  • Extraordinary Vessel Qigong cultivation methods
  • Primordial energetics for treating disharmonies at the Root

This is a powerful experiential class with rigorous academic study and application. You will be encouraged to discover your personal passion for the healing work you are called to offer the world. Special populations, conditions, or causes that speak most loudly to your heart will be explored. You will be given direct support to develop your unique healing gifts. Of special note at this level will be an exploration of somatic sciences and leading edge methods for addressing trauma and recovery.

Required Learning Materials
          • Extraordinary Vessels, Yuen
          • Nourishing Destiny, Jarrett


302 – Cycles of Aging and Development

Wei Mai Vessels, Supporting all Stages of the Life Cycle


Issues that arise over the course of aging and development are ubiquitous in the life cycle of a human being. The particular developmental needs at each level are recognizable across a broad cross section of the population.


Infants need a safe environment, youth need support for their feelings and self perception, teens need freedom and a chance to grow their wings, people in their 20s need those cutting edge experiences that will help them become a fully functional independent, self-supporting adult. In our 30s we need to be heard and develop confidence skill and power in the community and our place in the world.  We could go on from there, and we do.


In this course we will explore the peculiar needs and conditions of life’s various stages and take a look at balanced healthy expression compared to unhealthy imbalances that can arise. Some times needs are met right on time. Others something needed is clearly missing. Still others, we get lessons at an age that is not appropriate for where we are developmentally. This is all pretty commonly held knowledge, but the unique perspective of Classical Chinese Medicine gives us two powerful vessels that are directly engaged in the unfolding of life energy along the cycles of Aging and Development.


Students will learn:


  • Wei Mai Vessel energy expressions and treatment strategies
  • Correlation of Wei Mai Vessels with Chakra alignment and balance
  • Share stories, heal wounds and find support on the long journey of life
  • Advanced HeartMind Shiatsu techniques for holding space and providing support for healing energy body wounds resultant from insults along the cycles of aging and development


This highly experiential and personal class takes students on a journey into their own life story. The tapestry of life is reviewed and where it has been ripped, or thread bare, we do the work to repair it. And where it is strong and vibrant, we celebrate and uphold!  Through positive contact with fellow students, faculty and staff, strong healthy interpersonal bridges are developed to give every member of the school an uplifting sense of wholeness, appreciation, validation and support.
Our extra special focused module on somatic sciences and leading edge methods for addressing trauma and recovery will continue in this level giving students powerful tools for working with this all too common phenomenon of life.

Required Learning Materials
          • Extraordinary Vessels, Yuen
          • Nourishing Destiny, Jarrett
The Body Keeps Score, Van der Kolk


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303 – The Healing Power of Presence
Understanding and Working the Qiao Mai Vessels
The Healing Power of the Present Moment


The Cycles of Aging and Development can be seen to sit on the continuum of time from past into future.  With the Cycles work of the Wei Mai Vessels we explored the wounds of the past and the anticipations of the future. Now that continuum of time meets the ever present as we drop into our study of the Qiao Mai Vessels, the vessels of the present moment.


It has been said that nothing happens in the past, nothing happens in the future, things only happen in the now. A string of things that happened stretches back behind us into the past, and a string of things that will happen stretches forward into the future, yet each and everything only and ever happens in the ever progressing present moment. The Qiao Mai vessel energies land us right smack dab in this very present moment.


The two pivotal questions for exploring the Qiao Mai are 1) If you could be anyone in the world, right now, who would you be? And 2) If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would you be?  If you’re answers to those questions are not 1) myself and 2) right here, then there is a problem in your Qiao Mai. Healthy expression of Qiao Mai is the very energy of being content with who you are and where you are in any given moment.


In this module of study we will explore the expressions and points and trajectories of the Qiao Mai, both for cultivating our own energy of presence, and also to learn to support our clients in cultivating theirs.


Students will explore


  • Qiao Mai functions and locations and treatment strategies
  • The power of presence through meditation and self cultivation
  • Shared stories and mutual support in developing personal contentment and clarity
  • Advanced HeartMind Shiatsu strategies for treating and working with Qiao Mai issues


An experiential and an academic course, this course solidifies through in class activities and out of class study and practice the students grasp of Qiao Mai Vessels, Extraordinary Vessel theory and the practice of working with clients on questions of destiny and life purpose. The highest alignment for health in life is to know and live from your purpose, even if your purpose is to enter into the process of discovering what that purpose is. We will wrap up our study of somatics in this level, affirming effective and safe ways to incorporate an understanding of the somatic therapies into your HeartMind Shiatsu practice.

Required Learning Materials
          • Extraordinary Vessels, Yuen
          • Nourishing Destiny, Jarrett
The Body Keeps Score, Van der Kolk


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304 – Advanced Clinical Applications
The Awarding of Certificates

This final course in the HeartMind Shiatsu professional training is designed for student presentations of their class projects and personal journey, including case study achievements and discoveries, special populations work, independent research in the area of their choosing and demonstrated mastery of HeartMind Shiatsu floor based bodywork. Successful graduates receive a professional level recognition as HeartMind Shiatsu Therapists and are eligible to work in the post-graduate HeartMind Shiatsu Professional clinic and to enter the full Teacher Training Program.

Endorsement of Achievement and graduation from the program carries the benefits necessary to pursue national certification and recognition as an Asian Bodywork Therapist and sets the successful graduate on a gratifying life long career path in the healing arts.


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