Matwork Mastery


Matwork Mastery is a deeply inspiring workshop, open to anyone interested in healing touch, bodywork therapy, movement, dance, yoga, gymnastics, massage, meditation or fitness. Comfortable clothing and an open mind are all that is required. Workshop meets Friday evening 6-9pm and continues Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm. No prerequisites are necessary for this workshop. The Harmonizing Heaven and Earth DVD and Companion Manual for DVD by Matthew Sweigart, are recommended resources for the weekend immersion in the healing art of HeartMind Shiatsu.

Next class date: August 10-12, 2018



Matwork Mastery!
Essential Skills Bodywork Therapists need
to build a successful practice with sensitivity and ease! 

This exciting, experiential workshop provides Bodywork Therapists with 

• A step-by-step guide to developing highly skilled and effective body mechanics in your bodywork therapy practice, even if your previous training was pretty decent.

• How to give deep, connected bodywork that truly satisfies your clients’ needs, without being a superficial or boring routine, or burning your body out!

• Why our culture has the tendency to use bodywork as just a bandaid, or an enabler, and how you can craft your practice to promote profound healing experiences!

• The #1 secret to healing all stress related symptoms, making a deep connection with your client’s life energy, and clearing the blocks that have accumulated in their body.

• How you can easily tap into the deep stream of wellness and release all the unnecessary effort in your practice.

• And how you can do ALL of this in a way that awakens the deep joy, love and passion for healing that resides within your deepest heart of hearts.

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The recommended training materials for this experiential weekend are available for purchase. Click on book titles to put them in your cart:

Harmonizing Heaven & Earth DVD
DVD Companion Manual
HeartMind Shiatsu Meridian Gestures & Functions Chart

These inspiring materials help you to take the experience of the weekend with you out into the world! Order today! And we’ll see you in class! 

Sign up today for this outstanding continuing education workshop, with a focus on hands-on applications, and discover how the healing art of HeartMind Shiatsu, and Matwork Mastery can help you grow your practice with ease and grace today! 

Bring style, grace, laughter and enjoyment to your personal and professional practice, in this engaging HeartMind Shiatsu weekend workshop with Matthew Sweigart, CI. Discover Matthew’s signature self-care and healing touch techniques to enhance your healing touch practice. Enjoy healing touch in a supportive and inspiring community environment. One, safely performed, “flying” lift highlights the weekend, to help you take your practice to the next level!



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