30for30!!! Celebrating 30 years in the Healing Arts!

30for30!!! Celebrating 30 years in the Healing Arts!

meridian chart 11-17Join with me in Celebrating thirty years in the Healing arts! Take 30% Off for all my books, chart, DVD, and Mp4 Digital trainings, with the coupon code: 30for30!!! Now through my birthday, August 22, 2017!

It was on just such a summer day, July 1987 that my full-time professional Shiatsu career began. The SweatLodge leader (my first lodge of many!) was making prayers about how we would each serve in the coming Earth Changes. When he said, “Some people will be movers and shakers, but most of us will just help people out, day by day!”  I heard my calling loud and clear. “Just do Shiatsu! You can do this!”

In my Leonine personality type, I’d always made up this story that I was supposed to do great things. And yet, that was such a daunting prospect it actually stopped me from moving forward. An example of this was my feelings about my singing. I always wanted to sing like Pavarotti. But since I was in no way capable of singing like Pavarotti, then I didn’t pursue my singing as a career at all. (May be a good thing that i spared the world… but not really…) Being myself is the actual key that was difficult for me to unlock.

Then in that SweatLodge, my two years of Shiatsu study at the Ohashi Institute finally came together in something that I was very capable of. A baby step forward, just “helping people out day by day.” And from that beautiful moment my full time practice has unfolded, now over three decades! I am humbled and grateful for the many gifts, and the many beautiful healings, with many amazing and wonderful people, on this powerful and meaningful life journey!

To celebrate with me, you can now order any or all of my titles for 30% off!  On the checkout page, simply enter the coupon code: 30for30!!! in the coupon field, and WahLah, your price will melt down 30%!  Offer good from now until my birthday, August 22nd, 2017. For those of you planning to enroll in my HeartMind Shiatsu Professional training, this is a great time to purchase all your books and charts for the training!

Let’s all help the human race to a brighter future, simply helping out our brothers and sisters… day by day!!!


Come IN from the Cold and Warm UP this Winter!

Come IN from the Cold and Warm UP this Winter!

Elevate Your Healing Bodywork Practice!

with Matthew Sweigart, CI

February 3-5, 2017
Friday evening: 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-5pm
Registration open now!

Come IN from the cold and warm UP this winter! Come share warmth and connection with fellow travelers on the healing path. Enjoy this inspiring, hands-on exploration of the healing arts.
This workshop will include fun, invigorating movement, healing touch, and profound self development as you give and receive innovative, heart-centered bodywork.
You’ll learn one safely performed Flying HeartMind Shiatsu lift that will astound and amaze you and keep your clients coming back for more!

Elevate your practice to the next level!

Free Demo Jan. 26th, 6-8pm
Bodywork Bistro Living Arts Center
3825 Iris, Suite 300, Boulder, CO

Weekend Workshop Fees
$267 by Jan. 26th  ($297 thereafter.)

*This course is included in the 500-hour HeartMind Shiatsu Professional Training.
* Based on the popular Harmonizing Heaven & Earth DVD and Companion Manual.